Include payouts to do Vendor payments, Ecommerce refunds, loan disbursements or sending cashbacks to your customers.


Introducing WIRE

Wire is an API based solution that can be included in your product to do payouts related to :

Replicate your invoices

Salaries or Payroll

Ecommerce Refunds

Vendor or third party payments

Send cashback offers to customers

Wage payments

We facilitate payments real time by giving you a software by which you can include the following –

  • Step 1 : Create virtual accounts and add money
  • Step 2 : Add bulk contacts
  • Step 3 : Add beneficiaries
  • Step 4 : Start sending payments real time
Top Up Virtual Account
Add Contacts, Bulk Contacts
Add Beneficiaries



  • No more waiting on banking hours to do the payment so you can process all transactions at any time.
  • No need to create contact and make transactions one at a time as you can bulk upload the contacts and bulk transfer the amount to your customers on the go.
  • No more waiting for t+1, t+2 days for settlement of transactions.
  • Each and every transaction is having two-factor authentication security when you transfer any amount.
  • Fewer chances of human error.
  • Most importantly RECONCILIATION is in place.
  • Smart dashboard analytics will help you in decision making.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is WIRE better than bulk payouts solution given by the banks ?
Uploading a bulk transfer is very easy and that can happen by uploading an excel or even manually adding a beneficiary before you transfer. We automate and authenticate bulk transfers via API's and make it much simpler as an alternative to uploading files on a bank portal.
Unlike banks, a single error can block all your payouts, Probuz Technologies Pvt.Ltd. ensures that valid transfers will go through even if there are error records in your file. Reconciliation with analytics is available on your dashboard and you can do transfer instantly without any risk.
Do I need to have a business registered ?
Yes it is mandatory that your business is registered and only current account holders are allowed to use the application.
What is the process of getting started ?
You need to sign-up online on Probuz by clicking here - Just sign-up with your PAN card, Cheque book 1st page or bank statement and a few other documents. Once done, your relationship manager will call you and help you with the API set-up. This takes hardly a couple of hours.
Do you support all bank accounts ?
Yes, you can send money to any active savings or current bank account in India.

Note: *We keep your Information Confidential